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Instantly create an engaging digital menu for your restaurant with the help of a QR code. Simple, efficient and intelligent: the new generation of menus!

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QR Code

Accesible Digital Menu

A simple QR-code scan will give your customers instant access to your restaurant’s digital menu.

Effortless ordering

With Menoo Premium, your customers can order directly from the app and your staff will be notified in real time.
Smart Bill

Smart Bill

With Menoo Premium, your guests can view their individual bill or the whole table's bill right from their phone.

Management system

Menoo offers you a complete management system that lets you manage restaurant menus in real-time.

Menoo Waiter

Menoo gives you a dedicated application for your staff where they can take actions on real-time events from the tables


Menoo gives your customers a web application, alongside a native app, where they can see your restaurant's menus, order food, and take actions like calling a waiter or asking for a bill.

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